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Bonsaiii Classifieds Co. TEAM


Jemi Anklesaria

Residing in Fort Myers, Florida. Jemi currently holds Degrees in Electrical Engineering as well as Business Management.

– He has 30 plus years of experience in Project Management in various countries.
– Since childhood wanted to be an entrepreneur.
– Jemi also has his own Franchise Consultancy Firm and represents 600 plus Franchises in 16 Categories and 270 plus sub categories from $20 K to $4 Million plus.

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Nelson Bates


Nelson Bates, 43 — 

      Beginning his professional career as the lead Web Master for Walt Disney World in 1999.  He helped usher in the digital-era, at the most magical-place-on-Earth.

He has since Founded—and successfully sold five business.

His current business The Bonsaiii Company, sells world-class bonsai in gallery-quality pottery. (Bonsaiii.com)

His last business The Entrepreneurs Studio, was a creative company that designs richly imaginative marketing campaigns for other businesses. (It was acquired in 2016.)

His business before that was GoPublish.Me™ — a unique, high-end boutique publishing business (GoPublishMe has been acquired in 2014.)

His First business book Best Website: Simple Steps to Successful Websites (2008, Download PDF) was an Amazon paperback bestseller for three-straight-years and even hit #1 on the Kindle bestseller list.¹

In 2001 he launched his own Web Design company, Blue Aspen Web Design™ that he built into the Web’s largest design company at the time, with 86 Designers (sold 2002).

In 2002 he Founded BuySellWebsite.com, LLC and built it into the #1 Ranked Website For-Sale Classified Marketplace Worldwide.³

In 2003 he invented the Web’s most used Website Appraisal system to value Internet companies.

In 2006 he started BestWebsite.com® LLC and ran it for 5 years;  it taught others how to build successful Web businesses of their own (sold 2012).

His Second book and Amazon #1 bestseller was Web Fluent: The Faster, Easier Way to Build Your Web Business (2012, PDF free).²

In 1995 Nelson pioneered the Web Marketing industry with the original Internet Marketing Center™ website.

He’s best known for his clever marketing strategies to build businesses and is an expert Marketer, and Web Designer.  He is enthralled with beautiful design, and elegant marketing.

You can see Nelson’s business art here; The Soaring Entrepreneur (a painting of his family), The Entrepreneur in the Bottle video and The Triumphant Entrepreneur.  He presented The Soaring Entrepreneur art installation at the famed CityARTS Factory in downtown Orlando in March 2014.


¹ Best Website: Simple Steps to Successful Websites (2008, book by Nelson Bates) Hit Number #1 on Amazon, December 15th 2009.

² Web Fluent: The Faster Easier Way to Build Your Web Business (2011, book by Nelson Bates) Hit Number #1 on Amazon Popular List for Web Marketing, Jan 1st. 2012.

³ BuySellWebsite.com ranked #1 Website For Sale Marketplace by Alexa.com during 2003-2006. It had both more Unique Visitors and paid business listings for-sale than any other Marketplace.

Derek Larsen

Ceramics Master

Derek is a World renowned ceramic artist—he is a master potter and frequently has his ceramics shown in galleries across the Globe.  He has honed his skills for more than 20 years now.

Currently living with his wife in Kyoto, Japan and practicing the art of traditional anagama firing for ceramics in a Kiln he built himself—on the side of a mountain.

If that’s not awesome enough, he hand-digs the clay out of the ground himself, chops the wood for the three day firing and uses no chemical glazes of any kind.

The Bonsaiii Co. is exquisitely lucky to be able to import his one-of-a-kind, world-class ceramics for use as our bonsai pots.

See a list of his Gallery Showings, Teaching History and Professional Skill Development. (Open PDF.)

*Derek pictured above with the Kiln he built.(2015)

Laruka Lim

Bonsai Master

Laruka fell in love with Bonsai after growing up helping her parents with their Bonsai shop in the south of France.  We welcome the extensive knowledge and her many talents to The Bonsaiii Co. team.


Why does our name have three “iii’s” in it?

      Simple, we’ve taken the two ii’s from meditation and added them onto bonsai.  Bonsaiii means bonsai + meditation.

By combining them — the middle “i” represents a person — being centered and balanced.  Something that can be achieved by combining the gentle art of bonsai with a powerful meditation technique.

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